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The Digital Pandemic Push

It’s been quite the ride since March of 2020. A novel coronavirus hits the world and companies are pushed online more than ever before. Whether you’re a brick and mortar company swiftly evolving your digital landscape to deal with the times, or you’re an enterprise-level organization with a deep digital footprint, there’s a dire need to engage your target audience through digital channels that’s never been seen before.

Digital Marketing Agencies


Mobile Applications and E-Commerce

Not interested in hitting the store or dining out? Not all are during these crazy times. Some have family members with underlying conditions, some are nervous and scared, and some just rather ride this out as they are opposed to the chances of getting sick with a new novel coronavirus.

Big box stores like Target and Home Depot are seeing a drastic change in digital purchasing behavior. Many of these companies have swiftly updated their digital properties and the physical make up of their customer experience.

A New In-Person Experience

For example, you can order your desired products through mobile applications or browser-based digital experiences, drive to the store to park in a labelled parking spot, inform the store employees when you’ve arrived and what parking spot you’re in so a team member can set your new purchase in your vehicle.

All of these newly delivered digital experiences take strategy, planning execution. It is not for the faint of heart either. In order to maintain revenue streams, these marketing and technology teams need to act fast, secure and redistribute resources and execute.


Digital Careers Soaring

Are you a marketer looking for digital marketing professionals to add to your team? If that’s you, you’ve probably noticed the laundry list of open positions at companies all across the United States. One thing that is quite interesting with the plethora of job openings for digital marketers is the inclusion of the following information


What does this mean?

Never before has this been seen since the dawn of the Internet and the evolution of devices and technology. Companies, big and small, need to compete and attract top talent to take on the strategy, planning and execution of their digital marketing efforts. They are no longer looking for their next hire in the town over, they are open to talent in other states as long as there’s a match between past experience and the needs for the role.

Integrating Marketing Agencies

Not every company has the resources and/or understanding of who they need to assist with them with quickly scaling their digital marketing efforts to drive engagement with their target audience. Websites differ from email, and design differs from analytics and measurement, and the list goes on and on.

A Few Examples

Email Marketing Strategy and Execution

Let’s say a company has a sizable database but they’ve never had someone on the team well versed in database segmentation, email tools, automation, and analytics. It can be somewhat difficult to hire a single person alone to assist them with driving more business from the email channel. In many cases, to be successful, you’ll need someone that wears many hats. Sometimes that can be difficult considering the market demand for these types of professionals is at an all-time high.

  • Can they write?
  • Can they use design tools needed for graphics and product representation?
  • Do they have experience with the specific email marketing toolset you’re already paying for?
  • Can they analyze and measure the performance to optimize and improve?

This is where agency integration makes sense. For companies that only have budget for one additional team member, this budget can be better allocated to a full-service digital marketing agency and get everything mentioned in the list above and more.

This is where 10K Creative comes into the picture. We work with small and medium sized businesses to help them scale their digital marketing efforts. We’re open to discussing your project and would love to connect to see if there’s a good fit. Contact us today, we’d love to discuss your project.

By: Ryan Rutz

Ryan is a digital marketing fanatic that enjoys everything from wireframes and analytics to strumming the guitar and playing sports. He is the CEO of 10K Creative in Minneapolis leading the charge for the newest marketing agency in town.