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We can help you implement, manage and coordinate your marketing automation efforts so the qualified lead funnel is always full.

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Campaign Management

We can help you develop on brand campaigns to further cultivate a relationship with your prospects and existing customers. From ideas to planning and execution, we can help you leverage your automation tool.

Lead Generation

Marketing automation is an important approach to generating leads for your organization. Whether it's b2b or b2c, we can assist you with a significant boost in your qualified leads strengthening your pipeline.

Email Journeys

What is marketing automation without data? We'll make your job easier by producing campaigns metrics and recommendations to tighten up your approach and ensure you're getting better with every campaign launch.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Helps You Get Farther Faster

We can help you leverage the plethora of tools at our disposal to automate otherwise manual processes reducing human error and inconsistencies when communicating with your clients or customers.

Platform Implementation

There are many powerful marketing automation tools to choose from. We can help you decide which platform's to choose from and can help you with the implementation of your chosen automation tool. Whether it's Hubspot, Pardot, or Marketo, we can get your instance setup and user ready.

Content Development

Marketing automation relies heavily on content whether it's emails, landing pages, or downloadable assets. If your team is lacking in content to fully realize the power of marketing automation, our team can help you create content to bridge the gap so you can go full steam ahead.

Segmentation and Scoring

Depending on the complexity of your business model and target audience, we can segment your data and run targeted campaigns and scoring models to be more precise with the communications your prospects will receive. Understanding your data and its differences is mandatory.

Lead Distribution

Marketing automation is widely used for the sole purpose of qualified lead generation for the sales arms of organizations. We can help you set up a lead distribution plan that works for both sales and marketing minimizing prospects that float into the abyss after their first touch.

Landing Pages and Email

Custom landing pages and emails are vital to automation planning. We can help you design and develop custom landing page and email templates to use for your campaigns. Our team focuses on usability and conversion-centric design to ensure your campaigns are winning.

Managed Services

If you don't have an in-house team to manage your marketing automation efforts our team is there to pick up the slack. We can manage your instance and campaigns through an ongoing relationship with your marketing team's leadership. We're ready to become one with your team.

Database Renovation

Don't put the cart before the horse is the saying. In many cases, organizations aren't properly using their CRM for sales. This results in an unorganized and outdated database that makes marketing automation very difficult to leverage. We can help you get your CRM database in gear.

Nurture Campaign Development

Aside from one-off campaigns, we can develop nurture campaigns also know as drip campaigns for your ongoing marketing efforts. Not all leads are instantly marketing qualified and ready for sales. We can help you nurture these leads over time to boost your pipeline.

Adoption Documentation

Depending on the engagement and the technical savvy of your group, documentation on the flow of automation is needed. Adoption and usage are important for automation to work. We can provide step by step instructions so your knows what to do and when.

Use dynamic content, get personal

A one size fits all approach no longer has to be the approach. Technology has allowed us to meet our customer with the right message, the right visual at the right time. Keep it dynamic and keep them feeling like it's a one to one relationship.

Automate lead follow up

When a lead converts on your site, how long is it before you've connected with them on the phone or by email? Streamline your lead follow up with automation tools to start off on the right foot with timely communication per their request on form submit.

Automate your list segmentation

Depending on your business model, your database can become overwhelming. Segment with ease through tool configuration to make sure we're speaking to the right leads and contacts in your CRM.

Are your competitors automating?

Keep an eye out for top performers in your industry. It's likely other companies have already implemented automation tactics and are in the process of learning what works and what doesn't. Let their current state assist with automation inspiration.

  • Constantly monitor, measure and optimize
  • Start small and scale as you go
  • Train the team on what's going on behind the scenes
  • Focus on lead generation tactics

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